Day 2

Departure was 7:00 am. We didn't know it, but compared to the days come, this was a relatively late departure. We headed down Arnhem Highway pausing to look at some magnetic termite mounds then later stopped for refreshments at a Corroboree Park Tavern, a truck stop where we saw a 60 metre road train and a six metre salt water crocodile in a cage. His name is Brutus.

We went on to the sacred site of Ubirr to explore galleries of ancient rock art. The magnificent rock faces have been painted and re-painted since 40,000 years ago with most created approximately 2,000 years ago. It is difficult to comprehend the age of these and the people who made them during the last ice age when the climate was totally different and hostile to life. This link describes what it was like and how aborigines coped.

We made a stop at Jabiru to visit the Bowali Visitor Centre which has a long linear design inspired by an Aboriginal Rock Shelter. It is designed with many spaces open to the air but under a large protective roof. The centre contains a wealth of information about Kakadu.

Before going to our camp we spent some time at Cahill Crossing, a ford on the East alligator River. The river is tidal at this point so at different times of the day there are variable depths of water flowing over the ford. Miss-judging the depth and strength of the flow can be disastrous as illustrated by the two vehicles in the water.

Our accommodation for the next two nights was at Hawk Dreaming Wilderness Lodge.