Twelve Inches Behind The Camera

Twelve Inches Behind the Camera is the title of my new talk about photography. The title is inspired by a quotation by Ansel Adams who said, "The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it."

My fully illustrated talk deals with the design and structure of photographic images and discusses how to analyse and talk about photographs. To add authority, quotations from famous people are drawn upon.

The aspects of photography explored include the quest for a personal vision and style, a discussion of the rules of photography (hint, there aren't any), whether to shoot JPEG or raw and the importance of colour theory. It concludes with a short discussion of the vocabulary of photographic composition but this topic is so large that it only scratches the surface. To illustrate the concepts and to provide a counter point to the talking, short audio-visual slideshows are interposed throughout.

Duration is approximately 75 minutes. If any organisation would like to hear the talk please contact me at